Kayla the Marsh Pixie

KaylaHi, my name is Kaya and I’m a Marsh Pixie from the Florida Everglades.

The Everglades are tropical marshland located in the southern portion of the U.S. state of Florida. It is a rare and beautiful place that is home to panther, manatee, bobcat, alligators and of course Pixies!

The Everglades now are only 50% of its original size due to over building and pollution. The Everglades that remains is threatened by water pollution from fertilizers used in farming and waste runoff from local communities.

This pollution and land loss of land not only effects the everglades and all of its wildlife, but also the thousands of other animals that depend on the Everglades. Animals like the birds that come every year on their way to and from other faraway places such as Canada and South America.

What You can Do to Help

  • Save water at home by turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth or washing your hands. Don’t take showers that are longer than necessary.
  • Never litter – your trash can end up in places like the everglades and can even harm the animals that live there.
  • Try to eat organic fruits and vegetables – these types of foods are grown without using chemicals that pollute our water and marshes!
  • Spread the word – let others know what they can to protect the Everglades and help save our planet!